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Staff Profile – Albert

23 Sep, 2022

SEWB Case Worker 

My name is Albert, I am a Bardi, Nyul Nyul and KIja man.

I grew up in the Broome community and went to school here as a child. My Dad worked in the Pearling industry and Mum worked in education; they were both hard-working people who taught me a lot about how to give back to our community. I was an Indigenous Ranger for nearly ten years, and I own my own business as an Indigenous Consultant.

I also work in film and television, both in front of and behind the camera. I am a touring musician, and I present talks about Indigenous science to a variety of Institutions around Australia. I am now working in health, here at BRAMS, as a Social Emotional Well-being Worker.

I live here with my partner and three children, and our three dogs. I joined the team here at BRAMS just over a year and half ago and have loved every minute of it.  Growing up in Broome was a great experience, and I feel proud to be able to give back, by helping and supporting the community that helped shape me to become who I am today.