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Breast Cancer Screening

Cassandra Matsumoto & Catherine Wakeline from BRAMS join Sandy to discuss the ‘Breast Cancer Screening’ Clinic. Including information regarding regular health checks and the increased risk of cancer from smoking, alcohol and stress.

No Tobacco Month

Ben Phillips & Lattrell Matthews from BRAMS joins Sandy for a discussion about ‘No Tobacco Month’. 

Flu Vaccinations

Sandy Dann chats with BRAMS Fatimair Skeen about the importance of having the flu vaccine.

Parents with chronic Pain

Sandy Dann chats with Katie Crawford from BRAMS about assisting patients that are living with chronic pain.

Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team

Sandy Dann chats with the Social and Emotional Wellbeing team from the Broome Regional Aboriginal Medical Service.

BRAMS Social and Emotional Wellbeing Team

by Sandy Dann IV | 3rd March 2021

Not sure where to start with the NDIS?

Sandy’s in depth interview with Mel explains all the information about the NDIS to get you started.